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Retreat Dharma Talks at Cittaviveka

Clearing the Floods - Dealing with Internal and External Overload

This on-line Zoom Retreat focused on clearing sensory and karmic overload and residues that impact the heart. Unresolved history can cause us to continue to frame ourselves and others with unhelpful projections. Clearing these within the interactive heart while staying present gives us confidence that we can move forward with a sense of path, of foundation, and of gratitude.

The daily schedule included sitting, walking and standing meditation, Dhamma teachings, chanting and question & answer sessions. Qigong and recorded Dhamma teachings were also offered to support your practice.

2021-05-30 (6 days) Cittaviveka

2021-05-30 Chanting - Suffusion with the Divine Abidings (Pāli) 4:57
Ajahn Sucitto
2021-05-31 Puja – The Path to Here and Now 11:31
Ajahn Sucitto
In this practice we are gently peeling back the layers of time and identity to come into something much more sensitive. The act of puja is a sign for citta. Praising and recollecting in both meaning and enactment mark the path of the here and now.
2021-05-31 Guided Meditation - Recollection 27:10
Ajahn Sucitto
With recollection, we drop meanings into the heart and listen. It’s how we come to know experience directly. Recollections of Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha help frame up our meditation and cultivation – how to act, what to put aside, what to say no to, what to say yes to, and how to do that in a measured way.
2021-05-31 Know One’s Range 52:33
Ajahn Sucitto
Realization can’t be taught, but it can be induced. Stable in one’s presence – open, listening, attentive – one comes to know one’s own range, the place where your potentials can properly unfold without getting tangled and without overreaching. Absorb into this steady place to begin clearing the floods.
2021-05-31 Guided Meditation – Core Stability of Body 60:21
Ajahn Sucitto
Body’s somatic intelligence is receptive to signals – suggest signals of safety, space, freedom. Settle more deeply into the core stability of the body, where it’s not mediating with internal or external phenomena – restful, like a tree.
2021-05-31 Day 2 Q&A 48:50
Ajahn Sucitto
What is practicing directly; differences between sāti sampajañña and sātipañña; meandering/curious attention when practicing; how important is jhāna; help working with our habits and blind spots; how to work with the inner critic; when to address things internally or externally with regards to other people.
2021-05-31 Steering Thought 24:32
Ajahn Sucitto
We need to train and tame thought so we can use it carefully for inquiry and investigation. Steering away from the conceived, find out how citta is being affected. Supported by embodiment and qualities of goodwill and compassion, the tamed, trained thinking mind gives rise to insight – it’s a liberator.
2021-05-31 Feeling Creates the Person 24:23
Ajahn Sucitto
The effect of feeling, agreeable or disagreeable, touches the citta. The practice is not to contract around the resonance, don’t grab the feeling. It’s the clinging reflex that creates the person. Maintain open stable presence – go bigger and wider than the activations – and the grasping lessens.
2021-06-01 Day 3 Q&A1 42:27
Ajahn Sucitto
How do I know if I have stream entry; how is fasting a benefit for practice; is body contemplation needed, how often; how to live with someone who lacks integrity; sāti and samādhi; experience of rapture during meditation; difficult to see dukkha in sense pleasures; observing eight precepts; keeping ‘not eating after noon’ based on which time zone; issue of entitlement; receiving guidance from a teacher; understanding causes and conditions for clarity.
2021-06-01 Morning Chanting, 5 Subjects for Frequent Recollection 8:16
Ajahn Sucitto
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