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Retreat Dharma Talks at Cittaviveka

Clearing the Floods - Dealing with Internal and External Overload

This on-line Zoom Retreat focused on clearing sensory and karmic overload and residues that impact the heart. Unresolved history can cause us to continue to frame ourselves and others with unhelpful projections. Clearing these within the interactive heart while staying present gives us confidence that we can move forward with a sense of path, of foundation, and of gratitude.

The daily schedule included sitting, walking and standing meditation, Dhamma teachings, chanting and question & answer sessions. Qigong and recorded Dhamma teachings were also offered to support your practice.

2021-05-30 (6 days) Cittaviveka

2021-06-01 Puja - The Sacred 30:09
Ajahn Sucitto
In puja we align ourselves to the sacred. It gives our hearts a sense of purpose. Recollection of values and virtues are uplifted and sustained, giving rise to sappurisa – a person of integrity whose actions are for the welfare of all.
2021-06-01 The Three-fold Flood 53:02
Ajahn Sucitto
The floods that wash over citta – floods of sensuality, kamma and unknowing – make it unstable, causing it to constantly search outside of itself for an anchor. The training is for citta to sit back in itself – remain embodied and use the tools within its range to gain strength and weaken the underlying programs.
2021-06-01 Guided Meditation - Clearing the Body 15:43
Ajahn Sucitto
Beginning at the abdomen – the center of the body, the energy center – use a combination of awareness and breathing to open, relax and release areas of the body.
2021-06-01 Day 3 Q&A2 47:34
Ajahn Sucitto
Relationship between manas and citta; excessive sexual images; what is the subtle body; breath as prana/breath of life; heart qualities that shift perception to vitality; opening energy centers; does energy discharge in standing meditation; working with psychological and emotional pain; resentment and anger arise when practicing at home; unlearning addiction to the clock.
2021-06-01 Suffusion with the Divine Abidings Chanting (Pāli) 3:55
Ajahn Sucitto
2021-06-01 Extending Heart 14:07
Ajahn Sucitto
Practice with the gradual extension of the heart. Extend it in terms of goodwill. Include difficult places without withdrawal of warmth, regard or empathy. Without shutting down, allow things to be as they are. Remain open, extend from the center.
2021-06-01 Goodwill 38:04
Ajahn Sucitto
The practice of recollecting and extending goodwill establishes stability of heart. Bring to mind your allies, warming the heart in response to the inferred hostility it experiences. Repel the ill-will knowing there is something beautiful here to be protected.
2021-06-02 Guided Meditation - Breath Energy 42:57
Ajahn Sucitto
2021-06-02 Puja - Heart Consciousness 38:41
Ajahn Sucitto
Puja is a time of heart, time to check in and find its basis. Images and resonances of virtue, truth, awakening, integrity provide resource and refreshment, and establish intention for how to engage with the sense world. Align sense consciousness to heart consciousness instead of the other way around.
2021-06-02 Suffusion with the Divine Abidings Chanting (English) 9:37
Ajahn Sucitto
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