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Q&A - How to get out of your head and why
2022-07-03 Q&A - How to get out of your head and why 33:05
Ajahn Sucitto
Questions are précised 00:00 Q1 When the body or place doesn’t seem like a safe place to be, how can we take refuge in the heart? 04:01 Q2 I have been experiencing a flight – fight response recently, triggered perhaps by the pandemic. Everything seems to get trapped in the brain although I have been meditating for years. It seems to be a bit of a fight. Do you have any advice please? 12:39 Q3 The pandemic mode seems to continue and these small text messages are very quick and short and I feel lost, not catching up to the mind states of others. How can we do body practices in this situation? 18:39 Q4 There is so much to worry about these days and it seems almost hopeless sometimes. My meditation helps, but how can I be more consistent with the practice please? 23:31 Q5 I’m a psychologist working with people who have experienced severe trauma. Do you have one or two suggestions as to how I can help other people to clear energies that affect the heart and body? 28:54 Q6 I have relationship issues with my sister over how she treats our mother. I have spoken rather harshly to her about this and she has stopped talking to me. How can I deal with this please?

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