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Day 6 Q&A2 – The Sacred, Body, Self and Other
2021-06-04 Day 6 Q&A2 – The Sacred, Body, Self and Other 47:37
Ajahn Sucitto
Trying to find triggers and safe space in the midst of health issues that affect nervous system, heart rate and breathing; stiff neck and shoulder muscles keep re-contracting; how to respond to getting so tired; what is the wise and caring response to body; navigating touch and contact skillfully; how can we be heirs to our kamma if there is no self to inherit it; through investigation of qualities of citta clarity and falling away has occurred – how to sustain; the more I see things clearly the more I feel the weight of delusion causing sadness and disgust and feeling of pointlessness for practice; how to approach in and out breath to calm mental activity (citta)/please speak to mindfulness of feeling from the Ānāpānasati Sutta.
Cittaviveka Clearing the Floods - Dealing with Internal and External Overload

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