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Retreat Dharma Talks at Cittaviveka

Replenish and release: servicing the heart

A series of teachings from Ajahn Sucitto during the last week of the 2023 vassa

2023-10-22 (8 days) Cittaviveka

2023-10-22 Faith, the unconditioned and the way past grasping 49:31
Ajahn Sucitto
Finding a place to begin can’t come from history. Intuitive faith / saddha is useful to distinguish the mundane from the place where truth, the unconditioned, can be revealed.
2023-10-23 The effort to check proliferation 49:32
Ajahn Sucitto
Effort: taking an overview, we can recognize the first effort is to generate right view, to note the conditionalities in which we find ourselves. We see which ones lead to stress, and which allow it to cease.
2023-10-23 The temple of release 49:10
Ajahn Sucitto
We use retreat to learn how to soften and loosen the worldly ways of stimulation and action, and to enter the space and silence of our temple.
2023-10-24 Integrity as a basis for mindfulness 53:41
Ajahn Sucitto
With integrity as a basis for mindfulness, we can go beyond calming down in sports, the office or even the army. Through meditation we see there is something deeper in the heart that needs to be unpacked.
2023-10-26 Signs and the signless 46:32
Ajahn Sucitto
Signs / nimittas are significant. Ajahn examines what is meant by these words.
2023-10-27 Beyond personality into empathy 48:47
Ajahn Sucitto
Steady the citta by replenishing it with good food. These include the fruits of friendliness, goodwill, ethical sensitivity, stability, and a steady resolve. These become a drip feed.
2023-10-28 You're as good as you can be – right now (but things change} 53:24
Ajahn Sucitto
On retreat we can develop a frame of reference which becomes a reliable way of filtering – not controlling – experience. Retreat structure, silence and participation are key ingredients.
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