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Retreat Dharma Talks at Cittaviveka

2023 CBM Vassa Talks - Week 1

Dhamma from the 2023 vassa first week at CBM

2023-08-02 (7 days) Cittaviveka

2023-08-03 Realization-existence as wave 48:47
Ajahn Sucitto
Gathering and collecting into one pointedness takes time for settling. A retreat invites us; it leads us to gain purpose and engenders faith and skilful effort.
2023-08-04 Sweetness, danger, escape in terms of the khandha 52:03
Ajahn Sucitto
The relative harmony of the diverse forms and energies that arise on retreat give one a sense of personal wholeness and support shared benefits.
2023-08-05 View from the Heart brings Right Purpose 51:22
Ajahn Sucitto
The faith that there IS a way out is an important component of our practice, leading to a directly known heart-realization of the truth of the constant flux of experience.
2023-08-06 Intentions that span the cosmos 55:39
Ajahn Sucitto
Our ability to contemplate provides enormous potential to get perspective on the changingness of the forms that characterise experience.
2023-08-07 Finding one's centre – view, virtue, mindfulness, concentration 54:12
Ajahn Sucitto
Retreat is a renunciant experience recommended by the Buddha. Through this we can clarify and collect our centre.
2023-08-08 Wisdom opens dukkha 37:21
Ajahn Sucitto
Wisdom is a liberator that is supported by the sense of a stable center that develops with samadhi.
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