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Retreat Dharma Talks at Cittaviveka

Cittaviveka 2021 Rains Retreat - Closing Group Practice

2021-10-14 (7 days) Cittaviveka

2021-10-14 Web of goodness 36:43
Ajahn Sucitto
We live in a human context with its mixture of bright and discordant energies. Our individual internal contexts are no different. We cultivate to potentize Dhamma factors for our own benefit and the benefit of the world. Grounding in wholesome qualities and steadiness of body, we find a raft in this very flooded swampy saṁsāra from which we can meet and review the flood of emotions and impulses.
2021-10-15 Right effort = responsibility with energy 38:56
Ajahn Sucitto
Energy is a constant fact of life. If you don’t apply it, it gets applied – there’s no neutral place. Be responsible. That’s what right effort means, constantly taking responsibility for where your energy goes. It’s an act of heedfulness and careful attention – choose what you want to abide in.
2021-10-16 Independence from conditions 46:09
Ajahn Sucitto
How to meet the problematic nature of conditioned experience without becoming overwhelmed? From a steady heart and mind phenomena can be investigated. We learn what affects us, what is for our welfare and what to let go of. This is how we begin to become independent from conditions: we develop a different center.
2021-10-17 Wisdom moves from stillness 36:17
Ajahn Sucitto
We usually associate change with lots of moving around, but deep change comes through stillness. It’s associated with pleasure – not sense pleasure but heart pleasure. It’s a shift to learn to pause and lift from the engagement. Citta’s qualities come through in this stillness and we can meet what arises with openness and goodwill.
2021-10-18 Triggers and leaks 40:11
Ajahn Sucitto
We are triggered by phenomena, and all kinds of turbulent emotions and reactions can result. But how does it all happen? We use wise attention to investigate the source, where things rise up from. A strong citta needs to be cultivated so you can review how stuff affects you. You have a choice in this: responsiveness or compulsiveness.
2021-10-19 Signs, distorted or uplifting 38:14
Ajahn Sucitto
In cultivation we’re learning to experience things directly as they really are. We come to understand that we are moved and triggered by signs, not things. A lot of practice is about turning attention away from unskillful signs and cultivating skillful ones – cooperation, generosity, goodness. Then you’ve got something precious that takes you through difficult places and makes you feel comfortable when you’re in a bleak state.
2021-10-20 Returning to the source 41:08
Ajahn Sucitto
The protocols for cultivation of citta differ from those that operate in the sense world. Step back from the object and notice how it’s affecting you; notice how the subject is being affected. This leads to a purification in terms of engagement with phenomena, and draws away from clinging and passion. From this place of solidity and strength, turn back to the wisdom of your own heart and act from there.
2021-10-20 Guided meditation - Troughs, peaks and open stability 53:30
Ajahn Sucitto
In meditation, one might recognize troughs and peaks with regard to feeling. The idea is to smooth these out so we understand what touches us and how we react. Body and mind work together to create a stable, open presence so we don’t get swept away. Widening, opening, receiving activated energies but not the stories. This is the way you can level out the peaks and troughs.
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