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Retreat Dharma Talks at Cittaviveka

At Home with the Homeless: Ajahn Sucitto Locked Down

This series of recordings is offered by Ajahn Sucitto as a way to offer connection and encouragement in this time of global lock down.

2020-03-28 (644 days) Cittaviveka

2020-05-29 Cittaviveka Buddhist Monastery Uposatha Public Talk: The Foundation for Relinquishment Is Comfort 51:16
Ajahn Sucitto
There are many meditation techniques, but fundamental is finding where the mind will settle - what citta finds comfort in. The more energy rests in that and returns to is, energy is consolidated instead of scattered, running out to external forms. This is the principle for clarification, purification, for awakening.
2020-05-31 Dhamma Stream Online Puja: The Healing Potential of the Heart 47:47
Ajahn Sucitto
Training involves the pause – connect to what’s happening, and use careful attention to deepen into citta. There’s more than just discomfort there – there’s healing potential if one can touch into the healthy spots. *Sutta reference Udāna 4:1
2020-06-05 Podcast: If You Won't Create Your Own Life the World Will Create It for You 1:11:33
Ajahn Sucitto
2020-06-07 Dhamma Stream Online Puja: Guided Meditation 9:57
Ajahn Sucitto
Instructions for widening the reference point, and notice that everything arises within awareness. Practice being with, not in.
2020-06-07 Cittaviveka Buddhist Monastery Online Lay Forum: Kamma 17:46
Ajahn Sucitto
Kamma – what it is, how it works, and why understanding it is crucial
2020-06-07 Dhamma Stream Online Puja: Q&A - Do Your Dharma 42:56
Ajahn Sucitto
Reflections given on questions about how to deal with other people, the social order based on human domination, and how to practice with sickness.
2020-06-07 Cittaviveka Buddhist Monastery Online Lay Forum: Q&A on Kamma 42:41
Ajahn Sucitto
2020-06-14 Dhamma Stream Online Puja: Guided Meditation – Awareness Has No Boundary 11:04
Ajahn Sucitto
Awareness is open – it simply knows and can witness. If we can widen and broaden awareness, we don’t have to get snagged by the circumstances of our “self-package”.
2020-06-14 Dhamma Stream Online Puja: Doing the Not-Doing 43:08
Ajahn Sucitto
It’s the compulsiveness and repetitiveness of certain actions that creates the sense of a solid self. So we aim for the end of action, for non-doing, and linger there. Keep relaxing and widening awareness without acting. Energy is released from activations – this is the ending of kamma. *Sutta Reference: AN10:81
2020-06-17 Cittaviveka Buddhist Monastery Public Talk: Guide to Unrestricted Awareness 1:15:59
Ajahn Sucitto
A good teacher (Acariya) encourages and pushes the mind of the disciple away from the changeable world presented by sense-consciousness, to the more fruitful reality that’s centred on Dhamma. In this talk, the principles of this are pointed out, and as exemplified by Ajahn Chah. This talk was offered on Ajahn
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